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Create a Dream business?

Want to pay for the new habit? Supplement an income? Or replace income?  Creating an ethical and sustainable business with a residual income is possible!

I started my journey with dōTERRA with no intention of ‘doing the business.’ It was a natural progression that I couldn’t help but share my new oil obsession with those closest to me.  Seeing how empowered they had become, taking charge of their own lives and raving about how much they had made a difference, made it clear that this was impossible not to share.

Now, I am not just seeing the rewards reflected in my health and my families’ health, but also financially. I have replaced my income and now my goal is to help others do the same.  I want to empower them to escape the daily grind; the rat race; two parents working, juggling kids in child care life that has them feeling stuck and replace it with a positive, enthusiastic and financially abundant role.

The money is very real and achievable.  With the flexibility to work around family and not miss those important moments, making a difference in the world and those in the community is closer than ever.

This isn’t a quick fix, a short cut or a winning lotto ticket.  This is an opportunity that when taken, embraced and nourished with enthusiasm and consistency, flourishes and creates ripples of abundance.  This is an opportunity to create an entire community advocating for a more sustainable, healthier and world changing life.  With an incredible upline of inspiring leaders ready to help mentor, encourage and teach, what’s stopping you from changing your circumstances?

Sparked an interest?  Here are the average earnings in US Dollars per rank based on the 2016 disclosure to give you an idea:

I get so excited when I see others start their own journey with dōTERRA and it gives me so much joy to support them as they reach their utmost potential.Save



How I Support:

  • 5 week mentoring program
  • Access to our private business Facebook group
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Regular zoom calls with myself and other builders in our tribe
  • Workshop and one on one support

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