Loyalty Rewards Order

All dōTERRA members have the option to participate in the monthly loyalty rewards program (LRP), which allows you to build and replenish your oil collection while accumulating HEAPS of FREEBIES! Earn up to 30% back in FREE product credit points! It is the smartest way to buy!

This program is similar to those reward programs like Fly Buys or Woolworths Rewards, BUT so much better value!

I have been on this program since I first joined, and I have had thousands of dollars worth of FREE products!

Receive 100% of shipping back in points for ALL orders

If you spend $9.95 on shipping – you will get 10 points back for EVERY SINGLE ORDER you place!

Earn extra points that increase over time, when you order 50PV+

You start at 10% back (or more if you enrol with a Natural Solutions Kit or bigger!). If your order totals 50PV or more, you will ALSO receive 10-30% of your order back in MORE points. Every 3 months of ordering 50PV+ your percentage will increase by 5% until you receive a maximum of 30% back!

FREE ‘Product of The Month’ when you order 125PV+, by the 15th

​If your order adds up to 125PV or more, and is set to ship between the 2nd & 15th of the month, not only will you receive your points mentioned above – but you will receive the FREE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!

You can cancel out at any time

​Once you start you won’t want to stop…but if your circumstances change, you can call member services and cancel anytime, there’s no obligation.

When will I receive my points?

​It will take 60 plus days for your points to show up in your account after your initial enrolment order, usually around the 15th -20th of the subsequent month, and then monthly thereafter.